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Working with Dissociation and Split o Personality Parts –
Body Psychotherapy with clients who have learned to manage life by disconnecting memory systems

Do you recognise the experience, while working with a client, that things don’t seem to fit? Or do you have clients who have extreme difficulties in making decisions because they don’t seem to hold a consistent point of reference? Do you work with clients who seem to cause a state of chaos or ’not-knowing’ inside of you as a therapist?

These can all be signs of the fact that your client is managing his or her feelings and emotions through split-off memory systems, as a way of coping with the environment developed in response to traumatic events or long-term stress. For some people this results in an organisation of what is diagnosed as Dissociative Identity Disorder, for others, it causes repeated, seemingly unchanging difficulties in leading a satisfactory life on the aspects of career, relationships or addictive behaviour.

In this weekend workshop, we will start to explore how to help these clients reconnect with split off personality parts. We will work with issues such as recognising a dissociative personality structure; creating an overview of the dissociated parts and their organisation; relating these parts to age structure and function for the total personality; connecting these parts to body areas; resourcing exercises and negotiation strategies to provoke more cooperation between the different personality layers.

A Touch of Voice 

Touch is an essential element within Body Psychotherapy. We cannot only touch with our hands, but also with our gaze and voices. The effects of voices are not so often a subject in our teachings and therapies. This workshop will give a taste of how character structures [also the therapist’s structures] can be heard and felt in the tone of voice and what effect it can have upon the communication and contact.

This workshop is mainly experiential with some brief explanation of character structures with which I work.