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Workshops for everyone

Workshops for everyone

From “Let’s go!” to “Let go…”
your senses tell you the way to self-care and aliveness
A two-day workshop with Ginger Clark and Lidy Evertsen

Hurry up, there is so much to do! –  I wish I could have a holiday. –  If only somebody would take care of ME. –  Shut up, there is no time for this! Do these exclamations sound familiar?

This workshop is for everyone who likes to spend two days developing the skill of self-care. The theme is listening to your body-self voice and honouring what’s needed at the right moment, with the right amount of nourishment. The attunement to the rhythm of needs and their fulfilment is experienced as flow. This practice could lead to the discovery of how to be more at ease with yourself and even help prevent burnout. CLICK HERE for more information.

The workshop is offered in both English and Dutch.