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Workshops in English

Workshops are one- or multi-day group meetings dedicated to developing a particular theme. I see the group as more than a summation of the individual participants; it is as it were a separate identity.

I discern two categories of workshops: ‘workshops for professionals’ and ‘workshops for everyone’.

Professionals are people who work with other people for their profession to support them in their development or healing. Examples are therapists, doctors, paramedics, coaches, trainers, teachers, etc. These workshops are aimed at deepening or broadening knowledge and on supporting the emotional and psychological balance of these professionals.

The ‘workshops for everyone’ are generally about discovering what is in you, supporting the regulation of emotions, developing abilities, etc. So you do these workshops all for yourself, whether you are a professional, client, or neither of them.

You can look at the various workshop descriptions to see which specific themes are covered.