Clear vision - body psychotherapy and coaching

Therapy and coaching

Therapy, for whom?

Most people are looking for therapy when they have problems with their emotions or with their functioning that they are not able to solve themselves or with their close environment. Those might be problems concerning having or getting a relationship; overwhelming feelings of anxiety; ending up in the same trap over and over again; inability to come to decisions; not knowing how to establish effective boundaries, with all the consequences such as burn-out for example; sexual problems; ending up with inconceivable emotions and moods every time; and so on.

What kind of therapy?

I offer Body Psychotherapy [also called Body Oriented Psychotherapy or Somatic Psychotherapy]. The schools which I am trained in are Unitive Psychotherapy, Bodynamic Analysis and Bodynamic Trauma Therapy.

My first starting point is the clients’ current lives, which is where people want to change and improve something, if only to understand what is going on. However, who you are and how you are is partly dependent on the way you grew up.

The influential themes in your life and the way you deal with them are formed by genes, family history, your childhood and the family you grew up in, as well as by your school environment and puberty. This is why they will come into focus every so often.
Those influences are also expressed in your physical possibilities. E.g. if you were not allowed to express anger, you would be forced to find a way not to feel your emotional energy and your impulses. A possible way of doing this is clenching your jaws or reducing your breathing. We will pay attention to this also; knowledge and thinking are not the only important factors, sensing your body and experiencing how your body contributes to how you feel and act are too. The body offers an entrance to what is happening, not only on a conscious but also on a less conscious level.

Concretely, what you can expect in a session is: talking, feeling sensations, exercises and possible work with touch. I will always check with you on beforehand when having exercises or physical work in mind, nothing happens that you do not want to.
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My specialisation is working with trauma and dissociation. Traumatic events cause dissociation, if daily consciousness is not able to deal with them. They cause overwhelming feelings and they have to be set aside separately in order to go on living. These can be a one-off incident, like a car accident for instance. It might also concern long-term overwhelming stress during childhood development, which was at a level that surpassed that of ordinary daily life and switched on someone’s survival system over and over again. People who have experienced this, often meet differing inner standpoints, which make it difficult for them to navigate just one direction. That is why they often feel that they are unable to take a stance, make a choice, pursue goals, have relationships, or if they do enter relationships these are often the ‘wrong’ ones.


Some of the problems you are meeting might be related to your job or studies in particular. You might want to discover how to be heard more in meetings; what you could mobilise in yourself to become a leader; or maybe you are at the top of an organisation or company and you are looking for a sparring partner, because you cannot afford to talk about problems you encounter; or you should deliver the results for a certain phase in your studies and you cannot come around to it; you might be stressed by having to stand your ground in groups; and so on.

From my Bodynamic background and my ample experience of governance I offer body-oriented coaching. In these processes we stay mainly focussed on your current daily life existence, however, we make use of the information given by your body and of physical resources that you did not use enough so far.

Besides coaching of individuals and groups, I teach individuals and groups how to deal with stress, managing conflicts and negotiation.