Clear vision - body psychotherapy and coaching

Supervision and therapy for students

Supervision body-oriented psychotherapy

I give supervision to both experienced therapists and therapists who are still in training.
In the first place we look at what happens to you, the therapist, in the sessions you give and how that is related to your own personality and theoretical background. Furthermore, we focus on how you can deploy your own bodily experiences and reactions, in order to perform your function as ‘the other in the relationship’ as well as possible. Of course there is sometimes also tips to tackle something difficult. In short, the supervision is intended to support you in practicing being a therapist in your own way.


I am specialised in working with clients who experience dissociative phenomena and clients who have a dissociative organisation of their personality.

A second specialisation is working with breath and voice. This has its origin in my former profession of being a classical singer and a voice teacher.

Therapy for body psychotherapy students

In this kind of therapy we work through your own therapy process, with an extra dimension of theoretically overviewing the steps we take in this process. Furthermore, we investigate how such steps affect you as a client. In this ‘learning therapy’ process you take both the viewpoint of the therapist as well as that of the client.

Supervision and student therapy can happen one on one, but also in groups.