Clear vision - body psychotherapy and coaching

Coverage and prices

Coverage and prices per January 1, 2023

Sessions typically last an hour, unless we agree otherwise. The costs are not covered by health insurance, even with comprehensive supplementary coverage. All prices include 21% VAT.  For prices, see the agreement below.

Agreement therapeutic/supervision/coaching process

We will frame the process by the process goals set in the intake session or later sessions. The content of the sessions is recorded by hand in writing [see privacy page] to be able to navigate the process and evaluate it where necessary. What we discuss in the sessions is subject to the obligation of confidentiality, as set out in the Ethics Guidelines of the EABP [European Association for Body Psychotherapy] / NVLP [Netherlands Association for Body-Oriented Psychotherapy] – which you will be able to download at and the Code Ethics and Behaviour of the SBLP [Foundation Professional Association for Body Oriented Psychotherapy – which you can download [unfortunately only in Dutch] at

Complaints are dealt with by SBLP, CAM-COOP [  ] NVLP/EABP [  ], for Disciplinary law the therapist is affiliated with RBCZ/TCZ [Register Professionals Complementary Care] Registration number RBCZ/TCZ is  180195B  [ ]

The way of working is body-oriented psychotherapy, in which the inseparable interweaving of body and mind is the starting point. In this method, speaking, physical exercises, working with attention and sensations, if possible dreams, constellations and interpersonal contact, possibly also physical, are common. I will always check with the client about these processes.

The price of a session includes VAT. As of 1-1-2023,  that is €  110.00  per hour [€ 90,91 + 21% VAT] for individual sessions.   In exceptional cases, it is possible to apply for a reduced rate.  This is on the condition that the client is not a professional, is not in training as a therapist, does not have his/her own company [including self-employed persons] and does not receive the amount reimbursed by health insurance. This reduced rate is  € 90,00 incl. VAT per hour as of 1-1-2023. For relationship sessions, family sessions and group sessions, different prices are applied. I will inform you about these if that is applicable.

The cancellation term for agreed sessions is 24 hours. Beyond that time frame cancellation is free. In case cancellation takes place within 24 hours or less, I will charge for the session, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

The therapist will use all her knowledge and experience to conduct the therapeutic process well. The client will also contribute to the process where possible.