Clear vision - body psychotherapy and coaching

Welcome to the web page of Lidy Evertsen Therapy and Coaching. Here you will find information on therapy, coaching, workshops, supervision and student therapy.

Do you run into the same relational problems again and again?
Are you looking for more support in your professional life?
Do you have physical complaints that cannot be explained medically?
Do you feel so many more possibilities existing inside of you than you seem able to realize in life?
These and many more other questions might be a reason to come and talk about therapy or coaching.

Perhaps you are a therapist and would like to join a workshop to gather inspiration?
Or you are not a therapist but you are looking for inspiration?
Have a look at the workshops page, where you can find workshops for professionals as well as for people who are simply interested in different aspects of what it is to be human. Perhaps you just want to explore the way you express yourself, the way you make contact, how it feels inside. Or maybe you would just like to explore how you use your voice.

If you are interested in having supervision or student therapy I might have something to offer you. I can help you develop a better understanding of how body oriented therapy and coaching provide an extra dimension and perspective, especially in cases where there is a history of shock trauma, long term developmental stress and dissociation.